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Base Emptying Stillages 0.5m³



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A simple but effective means of collecting, moving and safely dumping factory waste. GB Catalogue Bottom Dropping Boxes dump the waste through the base of the container, which opens by means of a pull-cord. The base automatically re-locks when lowered. Can be supplied with castors or lids.

When fitted with standard feet they can be stacked like waste stillages.

  • Product Weight (Kg)115 kg
  • Plate Thickness (mm)2 mm
  • Volumetric Capacity (m3)0.5 m3
  • Load Capacity1000 kg
  • Max Fork Size125mm x65mm
  • Max Fork Spread740 mm
  • Centre of Gravity Min.501 mm
  •   Delivery Lead Time: 20-21 working days
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