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Fork Mounted Drum Rotator Crank Handle Double Strap


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Desgined to handle 210 litre steel drums or 210/220 litre "L" and "XL" ring plastic drums. The drum fixes intot he attachment with two webbing straps/ratchets to prevent slippage. Drum rotation is carried out by means of a crank-handle for below shoulder operation), a continuous loop chain (for operation above shoulder height) or by hydraulic operation (using a hydraulic motor to replace the handle/chain that is connected to the aux valve on the truck. Supplied without hoses). Fitted with a heavy duty gearbox for precise and controlled pouring.

  • Product Weight (Kg)90 kg
  • No Of Drums1
  • Drum Types1, 2
  • Load Capacity360 kg
  • Max Fork Size140mm x50mm
  • Max Fork Spread942 mm
  • Centre of Gravity Min.510 mm
  • Method Of OperationCrank Handle
  Delivery Lead Time: 10-12 working days
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