Rough Terrain

We can supply a wide range of New Diesel Rough Terrain Forklifts. We have new stock added to our catalogue regularly and we will add them to this section as we get new supplies.  We always try to offer you the best deal on New Diesel Rough Terrain Forklifts!

Hangcha Diesel Rough Terrain Forklifts range 

The Hangcha Rough Terrain Forklifts range of counter balanced forklift trucks are suited to a multitude of applications including unloading/loading of pallets of raw materials from a lorry to unloading finished goods and production materials in stillage‚Äôs, or you can add a forklift attachment.  See our range of forklift attachments and transform your Hangcha forklift into a snow plough, forklift sweeper  and many more.

The Diesel Rough Terrain range of Hangcha forklifts are suited for  external use, although the Hangcha  Rough Terrain  range of Diesel  Trucks use the latest engines which complies to European specification.

With loads capacities ranging from 2.5 tonne Hangcha Diesel Forklifts, 3.0 tonne Hangcha Diesel Forklifts,3.5 tonne Hangcha Diesel Forklifts, 

Whatever your handling or forklift fleet requirements are, GB Forklifts Ltd. and Hangcha Forklifts can meet your requirements, so please choose from a comprehensive range of Hangcha Rough Terrain or counterbalanced Industrial  forklift trucks range.

     Please feel free to contact us about New Diesel Forklifts if you don't see anything suitable in our current catalogue. We might have stock of New Diesel Forklifts but have not yet updated the web site, please contact us about our wide range of New Diesel Forklifts and we will call you back or call (01452) 731350 to speak to one of our specialist team members for help or advice about our range of New Diesel Forklifts.

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