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Hangcha Electric 4 Wheel Forklift - 1-3.5 Tonne Capacity


The newest generation A series 1—3.5 tonne 4 wheel electric counterbalance truck is a new product from Hangcha. The totally new design highlights safety, comfort and reliability. The whole truck's performance has also been improved!

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The newest generation A series 1—3.5 tonne 4 wheel electric counterbalance truck is a new product from Hangcha. The totally new design highlights safety, comfort and reliability. The whole truck's performance has also been improved!

  Depending on options chosen (incl. Colour marked (NS)) delivery can take up to 16 weeks.

Configurable Options

Specification Range
Lift Capacity 1000kg, 1500kg, 1800kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg, 3500kg
Max. Lift Height 2500mm, 2500mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3300mm, 3500mm, 3600mm, 4000mm, 4300mm, 4500mm, 4800mm, 5000mm, 6000mm, 6500mm
Mast Type Duplex - Full-free, Duplex - Wide View, Triplex - Full-free
Colour Choose from 8 different colours.

Please note that not all configurable options are available across all trucks.


Applied advanced new design methods and world famous design company designed the eye catching streamlined outline of the truck chassis. Small dimension, simple appearance and metal material applied to the exposed parts all provide robust construction of the A series.


Advanced parallel layout of drive motor and lower located battery up to chassis bottom provide good stability to the truck.


  • First-class R&D and testing facility.
  • First-class production quality management system.
  • First-class manufacturing facility
  • First-class environment and controls.

Comfortable Operation


Easy to see dashboard is relocated to overhead, so there is no restriction of the operator's visibility. The operator can monitor the truck operation at a glance.

Soft Landing

In addition to the soft landing system, the soft lifting system is adopted (front lifting cylinders of triplex mast and full free duplex mast), as a result the noise and shock of the mast significantly decreases.


The extra foot space is provided to reduce operator fatigue significantly. The new wide-open, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe.


Electronic Parking Brake provides safe and rapid brake performance. In particular turn on the function automatically under different working situation.


High frequency MOSFET controller provides accurate control of travelling, lifting, and better adjustable performance, and better matches the motor. Regenerative braking, reverse current braking and anti-slide on slop function guarantee the operation safety.

Multi functions big LEO dashboard provides running hours, battery power, and self diagnosis functions, and with high accuracy even in bad environment.

Regenerative braking is more energy saving and enhances efficiency during truck deceleration, direction changing and driving on downwards slopes.

Maintenance & Servicing

Full open battery cover is easy for battery servicing and has an easy opening counter weight cover which protects the internal controller to avoid water and Dust.

World leading brand electronics are applied in motor controller, contactor, power plug, emergency switch, dashboard and accelerators.

Advanced Features

World famous controller, connectors, battery plug and emergency switch are applied to ensure the reliability of the performance and provides easy service.

High frequency MOSFET integrated control system provides accurate control of travelling, lifting and better adjustable performance that better matchs with the motor. No roll-back on ramp is also provided thanks to MOSFET controller. Motor brake is for regenerative braking during deceleration, direction changing, and downward slope.


  •   High efficiency AC driving motor
  •   Special for truk's lifting motor
  •   Multi-functions dashboard
  •   Full electronic controlled travelling, lifting and steering
  •   Front lighting system, turning indicator, LED combined three colour rear lights / Big dimension rubber pad
  •   Sheet metal stamping made front and rear bottom plate
  •   Sheet metal stamping made left and right cover and battery cover
  •   Reversing beeper
  •   Full hydraulic steering
  •   Storage box
  •   Soft landing system
  •   Standard forks in red
  •   3m duplex wide view mast
  •   Tow coupling
  •   Center located rear view mirror
  •   Suspension seat with higher OHG
  •   Turning speed is automatically reduced when steering for Model 2.0—3.5 tonne
  •   The cover below control panel are fully closed
  •   Dashboard is relocated to overhead, no restriction of the operator's visibility
  •   EPB: Electronic Parking Brake


  •   Side way battery change
  •   Big capacity Chinese made battery
  •   Cold store application
  •   High performance import battery
  •   Battery charger
  •   Rear lighting system
  •   Front dual tyre
  •   SE tyre
  •   Non-marking tyre
  •   Left and right rear view mirror
  •   Reversing hand grip with horn button
  •   Wide fork carriage
  •   Wide or higher load backrest
  •   Other dimension forks
  •   Duplex mast with full free lift
  •   Triplex mast
  •   Integrated side shift
  •   Other attachments
  •   OPS system
  •   Blue spot light
  •   8 colour options
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