Low Level Order Picker - 680mm fork width - 2500kg


Hangcha A Series Low-level Order Picker 680mm width forks with 2500kg lift capacity is widely used in long-distance transportation among production lines.

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Hangcha A Series Low-level Order Picker 680mm width forks with 2500kg lift capacity is widely used in long-distance transportation among production lines.


Low operator platform for frequent and effortless entry and exit.


  Depending on options chosen delivery can take up to 16 weeks.
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  •    5-pivot with low centre of gravity design ensure safe and reliable operation.
  •    All plug connectors are waterproof and all cables have reliable protection which increases reliability of electrical system significantly.
  •    Non-contact proximity switch features long service life and reliable operation.
  •    Hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing reliable operation.
  •    Punch-formed forks provide more strength performance.
  •    Power plug is fixed on the chassis to avoid damage during battery installation.

High Performance

  •    EPS(Electric Power Steering) is standard specification and provides flexible operation.
  •    The inching switches installed at the LH/RH side greatly improve ease of use and operation.
  •    The AC driving motor features excellent acceleration performance, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission and is brush-less design and is maintenance free.
  •    The latest AC CURTIS control system is precise and smooth.
  •    CAN-BUS connection enables all truck data to be read for inspection and improves data transfer.

Comfortable Operation

The vibration-reduction design of the pedal reduces fatigue of long-duration operation.

The operating tiller ensures operations can be done easily with comfortable 1 handed operation.

Optimised design offers good visibility and easy exit/entrance of the truck.

The small body with large arc design is more suitable for the truck in centralised shelves. The chassis adopts wedge design greatly increasing passing ability.

Maintenance & Servicing

The brushless, maintenance-free AC driving motor significantly reduces operation costs.

The meter integrating battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument is convenient for maintenance.


  •    Electronic speed control means the turning speed is automatically reduced when steering.
  •    3 braking system of regenerative braking ensures safe operation.
  •    Anti-sliding function on slope ensures safety.

Standard Specification

  •    AC driving motor
  •    CURTIS AC controller
  •    Safety pedal & rubber backrest
  •    Side battery change
  •    3 emergency switches
  •    2 inch switches
  •    Multi-function indicator
  •    Tandem load wheels
  •    Fork length — 2400mm
  •    Outside fork width — 540mm
  •    Electronic lifting limiter
  •    Multi-function tiller with CAN-BUS system
  •    Horn
  •    EPS Electric Power Steering


  •    Fork Lengths — 1150mm, 1220mm, 2150mm
  •    Outside fork width — 540mm, 600mm, 680mm
  •    Charger
  •    Load backrest
  •    Guide roller
More Information
Lift Capacity2500kg
Fork Width (Pallets)680mm
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