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Nexen-Compact -Forklift-Range

The Nexen FDXC20 cushioned tyre diesel counterbalanced forklift offers unparalled access for quick and easy forklift servicing & maintenance. Our premium X-Range forklifts have a strong emphasis on driver safety & comfort.

 Nexen Compact Forklift Range


Utilising the same chassis as the Nexen X range 1.6 tonne forklift, the Nexen compact range of forklifts offers capacities from 2 to 3 tonne in diesel, LPG (Gas).

Providing the same lifting power of a larger chassis forklift with a smaller footprint for maneuvering in tight spaces.

Offering a standard drum brake transmission with optional Japanese Okamura high spec drum brake for heavy industrial use, or an Optimal+ wet brake system.

Laptop-free maintenance can be achieved using our Smart Dash technology with on-board diagnostics.

Equipment can be tailored however tough the job.